Placebo: The Mindscapes of the Brilliant and the Broken

Abhay Kumar’s Placebo, a documentary film which was released in 2014, had traveled through numerous filming screens and won accolades worldwide prior to its release in Netflix almost two years later. Watch the movie once, and you know why it has been successful in striking a chord with the audience. Quite honestly, I expected the … Continue reading Placebo: The Mindscapes of the Brilliant and the Broken



I hope That probably, years from now When we bask in an uncertain victory From the malice of the world, We talk about the past. And engraved in that reminiscence Will be a land. A land, where Jhelum moved noiselessly with its waters, in a perpetual scarlet tinge. Where the soil reeked of the blood … Continue reading Reminiscence


'You look so worn out...aren't you eating enough?' Familiar faces, familiar questions. 'Or is it too much work?'   But I am thankful, that they mention. 'Yeah, I guess.' I blame the routine. Waking up from another late night monotony Drowning in another cup of coffee. Occupying the same cabin Grinding away at whatever is … Continue reading Lacuna


Recalling the countryside, the song of the meadowlark, the dark green panorama - all surreal and unremembered. Lying on our backs. The caterpillar Slightly grazing the golden skin on your neck. I remember how, You took it in your palms - ever so gracious. How you so coyly ignored My disgustful remarks Your lips parting … Continue reading Everglow