"Who are you? I ask. You are too hard to read. One moment you are there Happy, drooling with affection. Then you just disappear, and I find the angry, depraved being The silhouette of your existence, blurry. Corrupt shadows lurking On every wrinkle in your face. One day I feel infatuated, The world seems so … Continue reading Fickle


A Boy Like Me

They tell me I was lucky To be born A boy like me. They don't know the dread I am put through They don't know What it feels to be controlled By fear, by circumstances. But everyday I walk towards the same old tree. Sit on the swing, forever free.   My skin still tender. … Continue reading A Boy Like Me

It’s Just A Phase

“I am attracted towards girls. This might seem a little weird to a lot of people because it is coming from a high school girl. But I am pretty sure it is not the usual sexual attraction everyone associates such feelings with. And it is not like I am not into guys either. I have … Continue reading It’s Just A Phase

Collateral Damage

I am not allowed to disclose the details of the organization that I work for, so I would have to abstain from revealing anything. My job was to eliminate criminals and other potential threats to global peace.  We always have to stay incognito as our organization is not connected to the government in any way; … Continue reading Collateral Damage

How to stay off Santa’s Naughty List

Sarah had always been infamous for her disobedience and indiscipline. Right from the day she learned to walk and do enough on her own, she had started creating her own arsenal of pranks and tantrums. No amount of advice or punishments could reduce her reckless mischief. She was about 6 and complaints from school had … Continue reading How to stay off Santa’s Naughty List

It’s a Beautiful World

Year 1945. Civil strife had broken out in almost half of the countries in Europe. What was left of the last democracies was beginning to vaporize in the unprecedented horrors of war. Borders were starting to seem like mere boundaries, pointless and inane. The fascists had already taken over the western side, oblivious to the … Continue reading It’s a Beautiful World