The war was brutal. The deadliest and most catastrophic nuclear war the world has ever witnessed. There weren’t any signs of it ending soon. Millions were dying every day. Millions pushed into starvation and agony. Even though the world had stepped into the 23rd century, militarism had invaded the human race and had infected mankind with hatred and violence. The brains behind the opposing forces were oblivious to the sufferings of the common people. They didn’t care. Every single day, me and my wife Ember lived in our small house at the end of the street dreadfully awaiting the day of our doom. Ember was pregnant, but that wasn’t giving us enough motivation; it only made us more distressed.

But God had other plans for us.

Mills Enterprises, a leading manufacturing company had built a humongous spaceship to take people out of the planet and sustain all of them for as long as it took the bloody war to end. But the sad part was everyone couldn’t get in. Those who got selected were informed through a call letter so that they can arrive at the temporary refuge center early.

However, with the bloodshed and massacre going on outside, the competition was getting weaker and weaker. We patiently awaited our call letter. The spaceship was scheduled to leave Earth on March 7th. Still days to go.

But as the day came closer and closer, we grew more and more morose. It was March and still we hadn’t received our letter. No one knew how they chose the refugees, so there was nothing we could do.

Days went by.

It was March 6th. Finally our letter arrived. I opened the letter eagerly. But the content of the letter wasn’t as exciting as I expected. I re-read the letter to make sure. Yes, I read it right. In the next room, Ember was sleeping peacefully. I didn’t have the courage to show her the piece of paper. The letter went like this:

We are glad to inform you that you have been selected to be part of the space journey scheduled on March 7th by Mills Enterprises. Kindly report at the refuge center ASAP. The passenger names, batch numbers and seat numbers are given below:

Allen Myers – Batch 100 – Seat no. 99999

Ember Myers – Batch 100 – Seat no.100000

Apparently, the spaceship was built to sustain 100000 people. We were the ‘lucky’ final entries.

Yes, the spaceship was built to sustain exactly 100,000 people.

Ember had twins last week.


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