Hannah, please don’t die

I dived into the lake without a second thought. As the lake was deep inside the woods, I seriously doubted I would get help from someone else. The longer I stayed up here near the surface of the lake, the deeper Hannah will go down. Time wasn’t really on my side this time. Since Hannah couldn’t swim, she really needed me. At least that’s what I guessed.

I knew Edgar was in a boat waiting for me to get her and go back safely. It was his idea, this whole boating thing. I never expected things would turn out quite like this. It had been a few minutes since I jumped off the boat. No signs of her, nothing at all. I decided to go deeper.  So I came out of the water, gasping for breath and then went back in again. I knew poor Eddie was getting tensed, but I knew he will manage.

Just when I thought I had lost her, I saw a shade of yellow in the distance. I lunged towards the target. I couldn’t afford to lose sight of Hannah, if indeed it was her.  As I swam towards the object, I became certain it was her. I bolted towards her with all my might. I knew I was losing my breath and didn’t have a clue regarding how much longer Hannah can stay conscious underwater. I grabbed her by the collar and pulled her all the way up to the surface.

Eddie helped me pull her up and into the boat. I was really fatigued after almost an hour inside the lake. Fresh air felt like heaven. Even though the lake seemed so baleful from underneath the water, it was so peaceful from outside; you could feel the calm setting in around you. Eddie seemed indifferent to the whole thing and had a casual expression on his face throughout.

Hannah was half-conscious. She was moving but I am pretty sure she had no clue about what was happening around her.

It was then that the stop watch caught my eye. My time was nine minutes and twenty-five seconds.

“Oh, crap. You beat me this time.”

Eddie was checking the small oxygen tank attached to her back. I guessed it had enough oxygen for a couple more rounds.

“Sure I did”, he replied. “Fancy another round, Ned? I am sure there is enough gas in there.”

“Yeah, cool”, I said as I removed my goggles.

I knew Hannah had no clue she was going in again when I grabbed her and pushed her into the water. Yes, we did provide an oxygen tank and we tied her up loosely too, so I guess she wasn’t at much of a disadvantage either. Well, at least that’s what I thought.

“Next time, let’s try it out without the tank. What say?”

I gave him a thumbs up as he dived into the water. I hope he doesn’t come back soon.

And Hannah, please don’t die. This is so much fun.


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