The room was guarded only by the ancient and heavy iron door. The room was dark except for the faint beam of light sifting through the cracks and crevices in the door and the walls. The room was infinitely horrible and overwhelmingly begrimed, with cobwebs filled in all the corners and no windows to let in or let out anything.

The girl lay motionless on the big wooden chair. Her hands were tied to the chair so tightly that her wrists were a bright crimson color. Her lips were dry and parched. She was letting out indistinct and barely audible mumbles occasionally. Her short hair, characterized by a lot of irregularities, showed that it had been cut off in haste forcefully. Tears flowed down her eyes, slowly dripping on to her clothes that were now ragged and dirty. The long gash on her forehead had stopped bleeding, leaving her left cheek almost completely covered in blood. Several of her fingernails were missing, with her left index finger severed off. Next to her on the floor was a wooden bowl, with remnants of stale food clearly visible.

The bolt was now being unlocked. The silhouette of a huge man came in through the door. As he approached the chair, she tried to lift her head so as to look at the figure coming at her. But she found it too difficult to keep her head straight and take a look at the person.

The man grabbed her by whatever hair remained of her and pulled her head backwards, all the time glaring at her face. He was bald, with a moustache and was wearing denim trousers and a tank-top that showed off his heavily built body. He slapped her face slowly in the pretense of waking her up.

“You are not going to die on me, I will give you that. I won’t let you”, he told her with clenched teeth.

“Please”, the girl grunted, still barely conscious.

He shoved her head back and walked away from her towards a table that was tucked away towards one of the dark nooks. From inside one of the drawers he produced something round and dark. Again, the man started walking towards the girl on the chair as he quietly unfurled the long belt.

“So, you gonna make me ask again or….”

The girl strained to look at him again. Every inch of her body ached even with the slightest of movements. She tried to speak, but nothing except a faint whisper that sounded like ‘please’ came out.

“Who am I?”, he snarled at her.

The girl resumed her painful efforts to speak. The man’s face clearly indicated that he was losing patience. At last, the girl’s voice came out.


The belt fell on her arm like a whip, the echo reverberating for seconds. The beating left a fresh tinge of scarlet on her tender skin. She grimaced, too weak to let out a wail.

“Before I start working on your fingers again, tell me. Or shall I order her to show you again?”, he bellowed.

“, you brat. Tell her who I am”, he shouted into the room without even taking his eyes off the limp form that was struggling in front of him.

Right next to the table sat another puny being, engulfed in the surrounding darkness. The kid was unnoticeable to the extent that one could make him out only if you stared at his exact spot. He squatted near the walls, coming forward only when the man called him out. The man tilted his head and waited for his answer, staring with bloodshot eyes. The boy had no trace of emotion on his face, as if everything good inside him had been drained out.

“M…MASTER”, the kid answered in a dull murmur. A smirk surfaced in the man’s face.

“Master…master”, he continued again.

“Now, that’s enough. Now go back to your hole.”

The kid retreated silently, without even daring to look at the two other life-forms in the room.

“I am going to ask one more time. You answer this, or I am taking away both your toes. Look at me and tell….WHO AM I?”

The torture continued for another hour. After two toes and a dozen whips, the girl finally succumbed to the misery.

“Master…you are my master…now PLEASE”, she squealed.

The beast who was agonizing her was finally victorious. His face lit up with a sneer, ugly but otherwise filled with glee. The boy didn’t even flinch during all those hours, let alone move. The girl was half-dead now, with blood all over her hands and feet. She was crying loudly, even though she didn’t have the energy to. After a few minutes, she passed out due to exhaustion.

The man walked up to her and checked her pulse. After making sure she was alive, he untied one of her hands and placed a bottle of water next to the chair.

“That’s enough for today. I will bring your dinner in a while. Next time, let’s start with ‘who are you’, shall we?”

He shut the door with a loud bang.


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