I don’t think you know me. I don’t think you know any of us for that matter. You can’t see us, but I am pretty sure you will know we exist once you read through this.

We are members of a clan called the Prutos. God created us to act as protectors of the different life forms that reside in different planets. And that includes planet Earth too.

There are two divisions among the Prutos. The Meleks, what you call the ‘Guardian Angels’, and the Jinnis, the demon version of the Meleks. Every life form is assigned a Melek and a Jinni. God has given us the liberty to choose the being that we want to protect. Most of the Prutos don’t give a fuck about this, because they consider your race as inferior to ours. But I am not like the rest. I am a Jinni. And I chose you. It might sound weird, but I am a guardian demon.

Your Guardian Demon.

Judging by the sound of our clan and all our names, you might have formed an image of us; some ancient and primitive amalgam of  funny clothes and grotesque body parts. Well, you might be wrong there. We are more modern than you think. As a matter of fact, we are more sophisticated than human beings.

Both I and the Melek who have been assigned to you have a duty to protect you from all kinds of dangers and perils until the moment of your death arrives. Yes, we are supposed to protect you together. Doesn’t necessarily mean nothing bad will happen to you. It is our choice. We just need to make sure you don’t die. Doesn’t matter if you lose a leg or you go blind; you should be alive.

But what do you know? You always think you survive mishaps and accidents because your guardian angel is looking out for you. I won’t say he isn’t, but is that really enough?


Yes, he saved you from that branch that was supposed to fall on you by making your shoe lace untie itself. He did save you from tripping and twisting your leg on the basement steps in the dark. Of course he saved you from all that embarrassment in the party by making you wear a sandal and not those frail high heels. Yes, he did save you multiple times.

But did it really matter?

What if that branch fell on you? You might have been bruised, but you definitely would have lived. I am pretty sure you could’ve handled those wounds. What if you twisted your leg? You would have been fine after a couple of weeks. What if your heels got messed up? It’s not the end of the world. It would have been something to laugh about years later.

Where was your “angel” when you were knee-deep in trouble?


What do you think happened to the mean kid back in high school who was going to push you off the top of the stairs? Your first boyfriend, who had planned to make your intimate photos public; where do you think he is? You still have a decent job, don’t you? Why do you think your previously mean and cranky boss, who you thought despised you suddenly became nice to you? And about the stalker who was going to rape you on the last Halloween night; well, I think it would be better if I keep the details to myself.

You might be asking why all these people weren’t protected by their own Meleks and Jinnis. As I mentioned before, our actions are governed completely by our discretion. You live until the end arrives, that is our sole duty. The rest is up to us. And when your Melek showed up whenever small things came up and disappeared when you were actually in grave danger, I stood beside you and protected you. You might ask why.

Because I wanted to.

You still think that wretched coward is watching over you. You always thought your precious little angel protected you from everything. You thanked him for saving you. Tell me now, did he really save you?

As you are reading this note, your so-called-savior is nowhere around you. I hope you realized the mistakes you have been carrying around. I don’t blame you, and I am not angry at you.

And I bet you didn’t notice the putrid, hideous ghoul that crawled up behind you as you were engrossed in this letter. NO, don’t turn back. Now, what I do with that thing entirely depends on you. Just look straight at the wall opposite you; you will see a blurred image. That’s me. I shall read what you feel about me through your eyes.

You don’t have much time left to think by the way.








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