Misa marched slowly along the muddy path, enjoying the cool breeze that caressed her face. As she moved up the road, she ran her fingers through the overgrown azaleas that invaded both sides of the path. The evening was so beautiful that she couldn’t help but whistle slowly. The school bus whizzed past her and … Continue reading Sunflowers


Sensnare Inn

The night was calm and peaceful. The smooth roads winded and twisted further into the gloom. The dim headlights helped me drive away the darkness from the roads. But soon I started growing tired of the dismal drive. The tall canopies of the trees on either side, with its branches twisted and overgrown with vines, … Continue reading Sensnare Inn

The Coffin

Arthur lay staring at the ceiling, listening to the screams emanating from underneath him. Torn between the decision about going down or staying and enduring the shrill noises, he shuffled in his bed. Minutes passed by and he didn’t sense the slightest decrease in the volume of the screaming. Unwillingly, he got out of his … Continue reading The Coffin

Hannah, please don’t die

I dived into the lake without a second thought. As the lake was deep inside the woods, I seriously doubted I would get help from someone else. The longer I stayed up here near the surface of the lake, the deeper Hannah will go down. Time wasn’t really on my side this time. Since Hannah … Continue reading Hannah, please don’t die