The Night Shift

My family was having financial problems at home so I had started working after classes. I was at a pizza place before but last month they decided to fire me and a few others so that they could cut costs. So I had to find a new place. It was then that I found this … Continue reading The Night Shift



The war was brutal. The deadliest and most catastrophic nuclear war the world has ever witnessed. There weren’t any signs of it ending soon. Millions were dying every day. Millions pushed into starvation and agony. Even though the world had stepped into the 23rd century, militarism had invaded the human race and had infected mankind … Continue reading Spaceship

Into The Open

“Help”, Samar shouted with all his might thinking that the sounds he heard were footsteps approaching. Apparently, it was his imagination and possibly no one could hear him from down there. Guess he would have to wait a bit more till help arrives. *** An unexpected call in the middle of the night. Someone calling … Continue reading Into The Open